About Us

The Florida Grant Developers Network K-12 was founded in 2004 by a small group of grant professionals working in public school districts in Florida. The Network was created help grant developers share their expertise, knowledge and best practices; to provide them with opportunities for networking; and to solve common problems in order to better meet the needs of the public school systems they serve. The Network today connects grant professionals working in nearly of Florida’s 67 public school districts.

Each summer, the Network hosts a forum in Tallahassee with key leaders from the Florida Department of Education, including executive team members, program officers, and financial and technical specialists. The Networks annual business meeting is conducted at this time.

Each winter, the Networks hosts a multi-day conference where members and invited guests present best practices, research findings, tips and tricks, and professional-level training in grant development issues. From time to time, committee work on white papers of special interest to the membership, which are then shared with legislators, other professional associations, superintendents, and state and federal program officials.

A members-only ListServ provides a constant e-mail forum in which all members share questions, concerns, solutions, and discoveries with each other. This instant communication system provides every member with the full access to the expertise of the grant experts all over the state.

Individual membership dues are currently $35 per year (January 1 through December 31). Please join us!